WHAT WE DID : Brand Development and Strategy • Website and Mobile Design • Advertising and Collateral Design • Illustration and Infographic Design • Copywriting • Map Design

The Brief

Set in AIB's Dublin retail network, The Bank Portfolio, was a prestigious portfolio of 12 landmark properties and needed a large property brochure to capture all aspects of it. Our client, Gannon, wanted the high standard of the properties to be reflected in the bespoke brochure and website. We chose high-end print using a blend of gold foil, spot UV finishes and a wax stamp of the 'B' on the hardback cover to achieve this sense of heritage associated with the portfolio. The brochures were delivered to potential investors in a brand gift box creating a unique brochure for our client that reflected the uniqueness of their portfolio. The responsive website mirrored the brand style and high standard, with a clear nagivation and a data room with all associated confidential documents.

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